Ride a Class Apart. Take a Mercedes Maybach for rent Miami

In the Mercedes Universe, the S-class denotes the ‘Special’ class, symbolizing the significance of royalty. The Mercedes-Maybach S600 does exactly this and is preferred by people who prefer leisure to speed while driving. Riding in this car does not make people look at you but look up to you. With its sheer magnificent smooth design and the power representative of the brand which gave the world its first automobile, the Mercedes Maybach is a pure manifestation of what it looks to ride with class. We, at Premiere Exotic Car Rentals, bring you a fully-maintained Mercedes Maybach for rent Miami to help you give yourself the perfect classy experience you desire.

Set a standard to your driving experience with our Mercedes Maybach rental Miami

The Mercedes Maybach S600 is a perfect blend of elegance and technology. From the hand-made leather massaging seats to the driver assistance technology, aerodynamic design and a powerful engine, this car gives you the perfect pleasurable driving experience.

  • With a powerful 523 Horsepower 12-valve engine accompanied with its 7-speed automatic transmission, the Mercedes Maybach S600 offers quick takeoffs, quiet cruising, and seamless acceleration that are symbolic of the brand.
  • Going from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, the Mercedes Maybach S600 won’t cost you much time; be it a ride along the Miami south beach or a trip to ft Lauderdale.
  • The interior of this S-class sedan offers heated, ventilated, massaging and power-reclining executive rear seats hand-fitted with Diamond-quilted, button-tufted leather, with matching throw pillows. Exotic, hand-finished wood, satin aluminum and leather cover nearly every other surface.
  • The Maybach offers immersive driving experience with its innovative driver assist technology including radar, camera and navigation act to anticipate what's ahead and watch all around you. From negotiating traffic to changing lanes with a tap of your finger, new systems collaborate to help make travel easier, safer and smoother.

So, if class matters to you, you can put all-in on the Mercedes Maybach S600. Take a Mercedes Maybach for rent at Premiere Exotic Car Rentals, a premium Mercedes Maybach rental Miami, Florida.


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