Ride the Prancing horse with our Ferrari rental in Miami

Among the top car brands of the world, the name Ferrari symbolizes speed, luxury and wealth. While among the top exotic places of the world, Miami, Florida symbolizes luxury and wealth too. So why not bring these two symbols together? Premier Exotic Car Rental Miami brings to you two exotic models from Ferrari to give you the perfect blend of luxury and speed at the most reasonable prices. Rent yourself a gorgeous Ferrari at our Ferrari rental in Miami and enjoy speed and luxury like never before.

Pick n choose your own Ferrari for rent in Miami

If you are considering a Ferrari for rent in Miami, Florida, we suggest you take a look at our models, the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Ferrari 458 Spider.

  • The Ferrari 488 GTB is a more easy-going sports car for the regular car enthusiast. Yet it does pack a punch with its 660 HP 8-valve engine and the acceleration of 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3 seconds. With an engine that has almost instantaneous response time, this car is a hot favorite of sports car lovers. A ride down ft Lauderdale in this car is sure to give you a ride of a lifetime.
  • The Ferrari 458 Spider is a true-to-form speedster with the perfect blend of luxury, design, and technology. Driving this beast along the south beach is sure to give you the rush of adrenaline you want along with the comfort only Ferrari can offer. Boasting a 562 HP 8-valve engine, this car has the acceleration of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. Not only was this car built for performance, it is designed with the driver and passenger in mind as it is one of the most comfortable super sports cars to ever be built.

So why hit the brakes? Hit the gas instead and pay us a visit at Premier Exotic Car Rental, a premium Ferrari rental in Miami, Florida.


$1899 / Day
$13293 / Week
$40,000 / Month

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