Ride the Wind with our Ferrari 488 for Rent Miami

The first thing which you expect when you hear the word “Ferrari” is speed. And with the Ferrari 488, you can expect the speed of the wind. Premier Exotic Car Rentals, Miami, Florida brings to you the sleek, speedy and strong Ferrari 488 GTB. With this beauty at your disposal, you are sure to turn a lot many heads while driving along the south beach or taste the wind as you and your partner take a ride to ft Lauderdale.

We at Premier Exotic Car Rentals, a Ferrari 488 for Rent Miami, Florida provide you a fully-maintained Ferrari 488 GTB to roam the streets of Miami. And all this, without any economic headache which one has to go through while buying a car. Speed cannot be bought. However, we can help you rent it.

Why choose the Ferrari 488 GTB for rent in Miami?

Miami, Florida is home to the Homestead-Miami speedway which hosts the world-famous NASCAR races. So the place is naturally associated with speed. And our Ferrari 488 rental in Miami provides just that. For a more technical mind, read on:

  • Equipped with a 660 HP 8-Valve engine which makes the engine’s response time almost instantaneous, this car is certainly a beauty with brains which can take you from 0 to 62 mph in 3 seconds. If you want speed, you might definitely want to “make a run” for this one.
  • The aerodynamic design of the Ferrari 488 GTB including the evenly placed intakes let the car use the wind to its advantage, both to gain speed and to cool its engine. Even the door handles are shaped in a way which improves airflow, thus helping the car gain more speed in less time.
  • In terms of comfort, the interior is beautifully handcrafted with materials and trims, with a strong emphasis on creating functional spaces thus guarantying occupants’ comfort.

Hence to find a Ferrari 488 GTB for rent in Miami and to ride the wind in style and comfort, you only need to pay us a visit at Premier Exotic Car Rentals, a premium Ferrari 488 rental in Miami, Florida.

Ferrari 488 for Rent Miami

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