Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach Rental in Los Angeles

Rent A Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach In Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Wynwood Area:

A Mercedes-Maybach is a symbol of class and design built for the elite.  Keeping the legroom and comfort in mind, which is essential to give oneself a feel of class, the wheelbase is added with 8-additional inches. The Maybach incorporates a perfect blend of the majesty symbolic of its legacy and modernism reflecting its taste for the future.

The Maybach consists of two high-resolution screens that display the navigation and the entertainment functions. And with Mercedes-Benz mbrace®, the Internet and WiFi are integrated with the car.

Two bit-turbo engines, a 449-hp for the V8 or the 523-hp for the V12, produce a torque which reflects the brand’s love for power. The acceleration is made flawless, with the V12 having a 7-speed transmission and the V8 having a 9-speed transmission. Be it cruising on the highways or making way in the traffic, reaction time is almost zero.

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