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In 1885, Karl Benz patented the first self-propelled car. This would forever change the way that humans travel. Shortly thereafter in 1926, a merger of two competing companies created the Mercedes Benz. From this moment, the Mercedes brand would continue to innovate on many fronts to include electric cars, passenger safety, development of the four cylinder method, etc. It is safe to say, that without the innovations created by the Mercedes brand and its predecessors, the automobile industry would be nowhere near where it is today in terms of innovation, safety and comfort. Each person that drives a Mercedes-Benz gets to experience a vehicle that has been fine tuned over the better part of a century. If you are on vacation or have an important function to attend, you cannot go wrong by booking your Mercedes rental in Los Angeles to help you to get to and from your event in comfort and style.

Facts About Mercedes

The Mercedes brand is riddled with rich history, record breaking feats and innovation. In a variety of ways, the Mercedes is the father of all modern cars. In many instances, it was the first to add a function or technology to their automobiles that would soon be adopted industry wide. Below, we have some interesting facts about Mercedes.

  1. The first documented female driver was Bertha Benz, Karl Benz’s wife. She drove one of their original cars over 120 miles in an effort to promote it.

  2. In 1906, Mercedes was at the forefront of electric powered vehicles that laid the blueprint for what would later be called “hybrid” cars.

  3. The Mercedes-Benz brand was the first to ever introduce 4-wheel independent suspension into their vehicles.

  4. Mercedes was of the first vehicle manufacturers to utilize crash testing on their vehicles to ensure that they were safe for drivers.

  5. In 1995, Mercedes was the first to introduce the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which helps to maintain stability while taking corners and making unusual maneuvers. It is now required to be in all cars.

As you can likely see, the Mercedes-Benz has been a thought leader in the automobile industry for quite some time. When you are enjoying your Mercedes rental in Los Angeles, take time to appreciate the masterpiece of a vehicle that you are driving as you cruise down Rodeo drive.

Tips for Driving Your Mercedes Rental in Los Angeles

Whether you choose to rent the G Wagon or the Maybach, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the interior technology and gadgets before you begin your trip. Each are equipped with innovative technology that will help to enhance your drive as well as make it one of the more comfortable trips that you have ever experienced. In addition, both of these vehicles are equipped with with a lot of power. Ensure that you go easy on the gas as they can easily get away from you if you are not vigilant of the speed that you are going. The last thing that you want to do is ruin your otherwise perfect trip by getting pulled over for speeding.

Keeping Your Mercedes Safe

Mercedes is known for luxury. Consequently, you will want to ensure that you properly secure your Mercedes rental in Los Angeles when you are parking. Always engage the security system and remove your personal items before departing from the vehicle. In addition, it is best to have your rental valet parked and/or parked in a garage covered lot. Though there is plenty of parallel street parking in Los Angeles, this may not be the safest way to park your rental. It leaves your vehicle vulnerable to scratches and unwanted damage caused by other drivers and/or enthusiastic onlookers that wish to get an up close view of your immaculately rare Mercedes-Benz.

Premier Exotic Car Rentals specializes in rentals of rare exotic luxury vehicle. We routinely rent our vehicles to celebrities, tourist and business leaders. If you are interested in booking a Mercedes rental in Los Angeles, contact us via email or phone to reserve your vehicle today. Remember, we will always reserve the exact car that you book. In the case that this is not possible, we will let you know and offer a comparable alternative. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach

The Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach is a marriage of elegance and technology. Its distinguished design not only turns the heads of onlookers, it envelops its passengers with a sense of opulence and decadence. Not only is it infused with driver assistance technology, massaging seats and aromatic technology designed to comfort you, it also has an incredibly powerful engine and an increased wheelbase to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers. See a few additional specifications below.

  • 523 Horsepower

  • V12 Engine

  • 0 - 60 in 4.6 seconds

  • Seating capacity: 5


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Mercedes Benz G Wagon 4×4²

The Mantra of the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon team is “Only a G-Class can be better than a G-Class”. With is powerful engine, innovative design and futuristic appeal it is hard to go wrong with a G Wagon. It is perfect for trips into the mountains as well as a cruise through the city. This versatile vehicle is beautiful on the outside and has an interior that screams elegance and comfort. See additional specs below:

  • 416 Horsepower

  • 4.0 Liter V8 Engine

  • Seating Capacity: 5

Premiere Exotic Car Rentals is one of the only companies that offers these two rare Mercedes rentals in Los Angeles. Give us a call today to book your reservation.

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