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Bruce McLaren began racing at a young age. He became the face of racing in Europe and eventually started his own company in 1963. While Bruce died in a tragic car accident in 1970, McLaren found a way to continue its meteoric rise in the racing industry and set multiple records in Formula 1. Eventually, the demand for McLaren automobiles began to increase and their customers had an appetite for speed. The company had become a staple in the Formula 1 racing community and its name was synonymous with championships. If you would like to experience the artistry and brilliance of these aerodynamic marvels of science, book your McLaren rental in Los Angeles today.

Facts About McLaren

McLaren racing has an interesting history. Most of its beginnings are flush with wonderful and awe inspiring stories about Bruce McLaren. In fact, he was a born winner. He won his first professional race at the age of 15, in addition, he was of the youngest drivers to ever win a US Grand Prix at the age of 22. Below, we have some of the more interesting facts about McLaren.

  1. Throughout most of the 1960s and 1970s, McLaren dominated the Can-Am racing circuit. In the 1980s and 1990s, they also put their stamp on Formula 1 racing.

  2. In 1970, Bruce McLaren died testing his own McLaren race car.

  3. In 1988 the McLaren MP4 won 15 of 16 races. A record that has not come close to being broken since.

  4. McLaren was at the forefront of carbon fiber development in its vehicles. Making them lighter and more aerodynamic.

  5. NASCAR can thank McLaren for the electronic engine control units that are in every vehicle.

  6. The company makes carbon fiber bikes, owns restaurants and makes cartoons.

  7. The 1992 McLaren F1 is still the world's fastest naturally aspirated produced car.

  8. If you send in your engine for a rebuild, McLaren will loan you a rental engine at no additional costs.

Though McLarens can be seen driven by celebrities, business magnates and the like, its nexus will always be in racing. They measure billions of data points in their vehicles and even sell this technology to hospitals and other entities as their data management software is of the best in the world.

McLaren 570GT

With a top speed of 204 mph, the McLaren 570GT does not disappoint the racing enthusiast. It is a perfect blend of sport and comfort. With its panoramic roof and leather trimmed carbon fibre encased touring deck that adds room for storage, McLaren ensures that you can comfortably pack your bags for the long road trip ahead. Listed below, you will find additional specifications about the McLAren 570GT.

Every McLaren is built handmade. They carefully design  and build each vehicle in their state of the art facilities just outside of London. Sometimes, it is not enough to merely read about an incredibly designed and manufactured vehicle, it is much better to experience it yourself. Book your McLaren rental in Los Angeles today.

Tips For Driving Your McLaren Rental in Los Angeles

Make no mistake about it, McLarens are built with speed and acceleration in mind. If not given the appropriate amount of respect while driving, they can easily get away from you. Below, you will find some tips for safely operating your McLaren rental in Los Angeles.

  1. Watch out for the potholes: McLarens are notoriously low to the ground. For the most part, this is to maintain its aerodynamic brilliance. With this in mind, potholes can be particularly dangerous to a McLaren. As you may know, Los Angeles is riddled with potholes as well as large and unsuspecting speedbumps. When driving your McLaren, be sure to avoid such obstacles when possible and when it is not, significantly decrease your speed.

  2. Keep two hands on your steering wheel: Though the McLaren has excellent stability and handling, it is equipped with 562 horsepower. Turning the steering wheel even an inch while moving at top speeds can be dangerous if you are not maintaining the appropriate amount of awareness.

  3. Ease your foot onto the gas: WIth its incredible acceleration, the last thing that you want to do is “gun it.” Ease your McLaren rental into drive so you can maintain control of your sports super car.

When you first receive your McLaren rental in Los Angeles, be sure to take your McLaren for a drive in an empty parking lot or a road with little to no traffic. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the technology inside of the car as well as get a feel for the acceleration and power that you will be wielding.

Keeping Your McLaren Rental Safe

McLarens are of the most rare vehicles that you will ever see on the road. Though the City of Los Angeles is riddled with a high number of luxury exotic sports cars, McLarens are still incredibly unique. This attribute can make it a target to would be thieves if the vehicle is left unattended without the appropriate safety measures in place. Below, you will find a few quick tips to keep your McLaren rental in Los Angeles safe.

  • Always engage the security system when you step away from the vehicle.

  • Avoid parking on the street, opt for valet parking and/or garage covered parking when available.

  • Remove your personal items from the car or at minimum keep them out of sight when you park your McLaren.

Check off a bucket list item by enjoying the sure excellence of driving a McLaren. Premiere Exotic Car Rentals is the leader of McLaren rentals in Los Angeles, give us a call to book your McLaren today.


McLaren 570GT

The McLaren Sports Series breaks new ground by bringing our technological advances to the sports car arena. With a 3.8-litre V8 engine mid-mounted for perfect balance, and a lightweight carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis, Sports Series models offer a class-defining power-to-weight ratio that’s designed to thrill. Along with the breathtaking performance, pinpoint steering, and sense of control that makes driving absolute fun, is a level of comfort that defies its super car looks.

  • 3.8 Liter V8 Engine

  • 562 Horsepower

  • Seating Capacity: 2

  • 0 - 60 mph in 3.0 seconds


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