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Chauffeur Service in Los Angeles

At Premier Exotic Car Rentals, you don’t just get to drive the most exotic and exclusive cars in the world, you get to be driven in them as well. Our high-quality, White Glove Los Angeles Chauffeur Service allows you to travel in effortless style to any event or venue you desire. We will take care of the car and we will take care of the driver; all you need to do is bask in the lap of luxury as you are ferried to your destination.

What Are The Benefits Of a Los Angeles Chauffeur Service?

A taxi or a ride share service will take you to your destination, but only a professional chauffeur can take you to that destination in style. A chauffered drive is also the best way to get around if you need to travel to multiple locations in a single day. Furthermore, a taxi or rideshare is an unpredictable experience when it comes to professionalism, comfort, and efficiency. Our chauffeurs are highly trained professionals and expert drivers who are as familiar—if not more familiar—with the Los Angeles area than even the most experienced taxi or vehicle service driver.

As for comfort, no taxi can compare with any of our vehicles. We offer the complete Black Car experience to anyone who hires us. Even the latest Black Cars from the rideshare services cannot compete with any of the exotic and luxurious vehicles in our fleet. Unlike taxi or rideshare drivers, our chauffeurs are fully vetted and insured, so you can expect respect and professionalism when you choose to ride with us.  

Why Should You Hire a Chauffeur?

1. You Can Get More Done

While you are being driven to your destination, you can perform tasks that you would not—or should not—do if you were driving. You can make phone calls, check your email, or conduct remote meetings. Your activities don’t have to be work related, you can plan the rest of your day, catch up on your reading, watch TV, or even take a nap. The choice is yours.

2. Parking Is No Longer Your Problem

Finding a parking space, paying the parking meter, and fighting for a parking spot are problems for other people when you hire a chauffeur. Once you get to your destination, you no longer have to worry about the stress of finding that precious piece of real estate to park your vehicle. You can be dropped off and collected at your leisure.

3. You Have a Driver At Your Beck and Call

Once a taxi or rideshare driver drops you at your destination, they are done with you. A chauffeur is yours for the duration of time that you hired them, so you can visit different locations with the confidence that someone will be there waiting for you, ready to take you to your next destination, when you return. You can even task them with picking up, and driving, friends or family in the area while you are busy with your appointment. So you can share the White Glove experience with the people close to you.

4. You Always Have a Designated Driver

If you are smart enough not to get behind the wheel after you’ve had a few drinks, then you are smart enough to have a professional driver take you home after you’ve had a few drinks. Enjoy the night—or early morning—without having to worry about how you are going to get home afterwards. Our chauffeurs will ferry you home in comfort and safety.

What Are The Vehicles You Can Choose From?

We have some of the most exclusive vehicles on the planet in our extensive fleet. When you hire one of our chauffeurs, you can choose from high-end SUVs, luxurious sedans, or posh coupes. Here is just a small sampling of what we have to offer.

Bentley Bentayga - The fastest SUV in the world. You might not be able to enjoy this vehicle’s groundbreaking speed, but you will be able to enjoy its groundbreaking ultra luxury. If your journey is going to take you off-road for some reason, then the Bentayga can handle any terrain it comes across.

Rolls Royce Ghost - It’s a Rolls Royce, what else do you need to know? The Ghost is not the only Rolls Royce in our collection, but it is the most opulent one. Which of course means that it is one of the most opulent vehicles ever made.

Mercedes Maybach S 600 - If you want the brand recognition of a Mercedes with even more prestige, then the Maybach S 600 is for you. It is more like a luxury hotel suite on wheels than a car. The only problem with the Mercedes Maybach S 600 is that once you reach your journey’s end, you may not want to leave.

Rolls Royce Dawn - Enjoy the California sunshine while being driven around in one of the most sumptuous convertibles ever made. When you are being chauffeured in the Dawn, the journey is always more fun than the destination.

Audi A7 - When you want an upscale drive without attracting too much attention, the Audi A7 is the perfect vehicle for the job. With a level of comfort that belies its handsome, but modest, appearance, the A7 is the ultimate in low-key style.

White Glove, Black Car

The Los Angeles Chauffeur Service of Premier Exotic Car Rentals is the perfect way to travel the city in style, luxury, and comfort. Our highly qualified, impeccably trained drivers will take you to your destination—or destinations—quickly and efficiently, and will always treat you with the respect you deserve.

The vehicles in which you will be travelling are some of the finest machines ever made and we make sure that they are always clean and reliable for all of our customers. So, do not hesitate to use our Los Angeles Chauffeur Service for any trip you wish to take; whether it is a business meeting, an exclusive appointment, a movie premier, or anywhere you want to go. A grand expedition awaits you when you use our Chauffeur Service. Make a reservation with us and you may never drive again.